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The new healthcare model with access to high quality healthcare at lower costs.

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A new kind of Primary Care with comprehensive visits and advanced testing. Our goal is to provide quality healthcare.

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What is DPC?

Direct Primary Care is a new model of high quality healthcare at lower costs.


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Our goal is to provide valuable and quality healthcare. We know the easiest way to bring real change to your healthcare experience is through our DPC model.

Blood Pressure Treatment

Treatment of Anxiety and Depression

Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment

High Cholesterol Treatment

Why Us?

We aim to provide quality, convenient, and accessible healthcare through a membership model that restores the connection between clinician and patient. While a fee for service clinic will house a panel size of 1500 patients per clinician, we cap our panel size at approximately 600 patients per clinician in order to better address concerns as they arise.

Leading you to a Healthy Life

Transparent Pricing

No Co-Pays, Deductibles or Confusing Health Insurance Claims. Never again will

Unlimited Access

Same-day or next day appointments; Virtual Appointments through our HIPPA secured App, Email, Phone or Text from Anywhere! After Hour and House Calls, when necessary.

In-House RX Dispensing

Prescription Medications Available On-Site at Wholesale Prices

Labs & Imaging

Low Cost Labs and Imaging Studies through Partnerships with Identified Groups

A kind of care with comprehensive visits and advanced testing.