Our Clinic

Everybody’s Family Clinic has a new and innovative personalized approach to medical care management. This affordable, patient-center model gives our members access to unlimited primary care. Our focus is to provide every patient with individualized attention to meet his or her specific health care needs.

Convenient, Expert, Local Healthcare at Affordable Prices

Everybody’s Family Clinic uses a monthly direct pay, flat fee that is likely to cover 80-90% of the issues for which you will need to seek medical care, including:routine and preventative care; sick visits,weight loss management, chronic disease management, and pediatric care. We are here for you.

Our members are not required to sign a long-term contract.

Why DPC?

What does DPC mean for you? Ultimately it means we get to spend more time with you. There’s no more hassling with insurance or variable pricing. Everything is up front and designed for you.

The Benefits

Transparent Pricing

No Co-Pays, Deductibles or Confusing Health Insurance Claims. Never again will
you be surprised by a medical bill.

Unlimited Access

Same-day or next day appointments; Virtual Appointments through our HIPPA secured App, Email, Phone or Text from Anywhere! After Hour and House Calls, when necessary.

In-House RX Dispensing

Prescription Medications Available On-Site at Wholesale Prices

Labs & Imaging

Low Cost Labs and Imaging Studies through Partnerships with Identified Groups

Expert Doctors.
Professional Care.

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Internal Medicine

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A new kind of Primary Care with comprehensive visits and advanced testing.